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about us

Hangzhou Soar Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading service provider specializing in PTZ and zoom camera design, manufacturing and sales. We have a full range of front side CCTV products including zoom camera module, I R speed dome, mobile surveillance camera, multi sensor PTZ, long range surveillance camera, gyroscope stabilization marine camera, as well as other customized cameras for special purpose.

Our company Hangzhou Soar Security was established in 2005 and became listed company in 2016.    We specialized in special purpose PTZ camera design and manufacturing for 16years, fully equipped with a quality R&D team covering researching on hardware (circuit design, machine design), software (C, C++, Linux), AI algorithms (specific target recognize, autotracking), optical design, industrial design, etc.

Niche market products (4/5G transmission, mobile surveillance, military surveillance, marine camera, long range surveillance, etc) and OEM customization are our two main lines and our way of survival.

In China, except those security giants like Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview, our company is one of the few mid-size companies that have the ability to independently develop and design complete software and hardware products.

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Our New Products


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SOAR 976-TH  is a high-definition IP camera powered by a high-performance lithium battery pack.

The Camera system featuring an 33X HD day/night zoom camera and an additional thermal imaging camera, enabling excellent detection abilit at day and night.

Waterproof, shock-proof,  with built in battery and 4G/5G module,  making the ptz an  Ideal option for mobile surveillance, rapid deployment application.



The SOAR789 Series ptz is a high-tech pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) security camera that offers comprehensive situational awareness even in harsh environments. By incorporating both thermal and visible light imaging technologies, the PTZ enables operators to monitor vast areas in complete darkness, bright light, and adverse weather conditions. Multispectral cameras are particularly useful for integrators tasked with finding solutions for difficult imaging problems at critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities, thanks to their outstanding detection and identification capabilities.

In addition, as the original equipment manufacturer, we can provide flexible configuration options based on our customers’ requirements and budget



The Vehicle Laser IR HD PTZ Camera is a durable and portable camera with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of mobile applications.  Starlight HD 2MP/4MP, 33x optical zoom Image sensor, which delivers exceptional performance in low-light conditions, high contrast scenes, and reliable Laser Infrared Night vision.


SOAR970 series

SOAR970 series mobile PTZ is designed for mobile surveillance application.
With its excellent waterproof ability up to Ip67 and optional gyroscope stabilization, it is also widely applied in marine application. The PTZ can be optionally be ordered with HDIP(2MP, 4MP), Analog; Integrated IR LED or laser illumination allows it to see from 150m up to 800m in complete darkness.


SOAR971 series

SOAR971  series mobile PTZ is designed for rough condition and mobile applications.

This rugged,all waterproof PTZ Camera is completely water proof to  IP66 standards and has an internal Heater that allow

this PTZ Camera to work under the condition of temperatures down to -40° C.

With compact design and light weighs , the PTZ is a ideal choice for marine and vehicle rapid deployment for vehicle, marine and military application around the world .


SOAR972 Series

Battery-powered Rapid Deployment HD 4G PTZ Camera

It’s a high-definition IP camera powered by a high-performance lithium battery pack.
It is waterproof, shock-proof, with characteristics particular to the demands of a
temporary or rapid installation such as a magnetic base for vehicle application or tripod mount.
With built in 4G/wifi/GPS



SOAR970 series mobile PTZ is designed for mobile surveillance application.
It is rugged, all-weather portable turn-key PTZ camera system. Its 30X HD day/night zoom camera provides both wide angle and long range capabilities. Its IP ONVIF S video output allows it to work with a NVR.
All of this comes in an extra rugged IP67 aluminum enclosure, making it an excellent choice for vehicle deployments for police, navy and militaries.
Integrated laser illumination allows it to see up to 800m in complete darkness.



Soar202 series face capture bullet camera is an all-metal structure and is suitable for all kinds of outdoor scenes.



Soar202-LPR series LPR bullet camera is License Plate Recognition (LPR) ultra-low-light smart camera can capture vehicle images and recognize vehicle number (license plate) in dark environments.



Dual Sensor Gyroscope Stabilization Marine PTZ with 1/1.8″ Cmos sensor, 317mm lens, 52x Zoom;High Resolution Thermal Imaging Sensor 640×512 Resolution, with up 75mm Lens;360° omnidirectional high-speed PTZ, ±90° Tilt range;Built-in heater/fan, allows the withstand the harshest climates;Gyro Stabilization, 2 axis;Marine rated design, Ip67 Waterpoof, anti-corrosion; Onvif Support;Optional auto tracking function.


SOAR800-TH series

Rugged and durable to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct Sunlight, high humidity and dust.


SOAR970 Series

SOAR970 homeland security long range ptz is a customized mobile monitoring device installed on a military vehicle.